I really don't know how to describe this forum. It's a book club. We read books. Then we talk about them.

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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    What is the purpose of BCOD?

    I know this would be a perfect place for a mission statement or a list of goals or something similar to that, but I really don’t do those. This is simply a place for people to come together, read books, and discuss. I guess if I had to identify a purpose, it would be for everyone who participates to somehow benefit from each other. Expand each other’s minds, attitudes, perspectives, opinions, blah blah blah.

    What's with this Book Club of Doom name? Is this club only going to be reading scary, Stephen King type books?

    We will be reading all kinds of books, and hopefully the material we review will be selected mostly by the members. The Book Club of Doom name is just, in my opinion, funny as balls.

    Who can be part of the BCOD?

    Everyone is welcome to join the Book Club of Doom. If you suck however, please don’t bother. I reserve the exclusive right to kick sucky people out of the club. Just something to keep in mind.

    What is the schedule for the BCOD?

    The schedule is still yet to be determined. This will probably shift based on two different things. I would like to consider everyone’s reading speed and preferences so that no one has to dedicate excessive amounts of time to read our designated sections. My intention will be to meet at the very least twice a month in person to discuss the same questions that will be available through this forum and anything else anyone thinks might be appropriate.

    What books will BCOD be reading?

    This will depend on the group. The first book I’d like to read as a group will be Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1). After we finish this book, the plan will be to open things up for recommendations. We can have each of the members vote for their preference and that will determine the next book we read. As long as that book doesn’t suck.

    How quickly will BCOD be reading books?

    This will depend on a number of different things. How quickly people read, how the books are broken down into sections, and how quickly people like to progress. I’d like to meet at least twice a month in person for people that are local however I’m not opposed to a meeting every week.

    How are books selected?

    The first books will be Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1). After we finish this book, the plan will be to open things up for recommendations. We can have each of the members vote for their preference and that will determine the next book we read as long as that book doesn’t suck.

    How do I become part of BCOD?

    Click the register link at the top of this page, agree to the terms and conditions, create a login and password and post something in the introductions forum. The information you post in the introductions forum will help determine the pace and direction for the BCOD.

    Where is BCOD located if I’d like to show up in person?

    If you’re local (in the Kansas City area) and are interested in showing up to our in person meetings, please send me a message with your information and I will make sure you have the addresses we will be meeting. I’m not so sure posting my address on this forum would be the best of ideas.

    What is the contact information for the administrator of BCOD?

    My name is Stephen Owen. I can be reached at owenstephen443@gmail.com. If you need to speak to me on the phone or in person, please send me a message and I will send you the contact information, as long as you’re not crazy.

    What kinds of books will be read and discussed?

    I don’t have a standard set of criteria for the books we will read. I would like to make sure we’re reading books that allow for discussion, participation and member involvement, so of course certain books will not be possible for this setting. I am willing however to consider any book any of the members would like to recommend.

    Is there any subject matter or content off limits?

    I would like the nature of this club to encourage any subject matter or content to be examined and discussed. Nothing should be off limits when selecting subject matter or discussing what we’ve read. There will be no censorship here unless someone is being intentionally stupid or trolling.

    Is BCOD for kids?

    At this time I will ask everyone to make sure they’ve arranged for child care if they plan to attend BCOD in person. If there is enough demand for it, we may consider having someone available to supervise kids during this time at whichever location we are meeting. This will however, only come about if it is needed.

    If there is anything I didn't cover here, or any additional information anyone would like to know, please post a question in the General Questions forum, and if I think it will be fairly common, I will make sure to add it to this post.

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